About Us

Our company muse/mascot Ruxin, is a 7 year old Silver Labrador. As an only child he is completely spoiled but well deserved - he is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet! Ruxin’s two most favorite things in the world…. Balls and Cookies…hence the company name.

We feel that is very important to give back to our community however we can. We have chosen to donate 50% OF THE PROCEEDS from the sale of ANY product that bares the VINTAGE PET RESCUE logo directly to Vintage Pet Rescue in Foster, RI. As a volunteer I am amazed the difference that they are able to make in the lives of senior dogs. They inspire me so much each week. These little dogs bring me so much joy and they have taught me so much about how wonderful senior dogs can be!

If you would like to learn more about Vintage Pet Rescue or if you would like to donate to them please visit http://www.vintagepetrescue.org