Production Time

Ball and Cookie is a print-on-demand company, which means that all products are unique and produced only once ordered. We currently work with three vendors: Printed Mint, Printify & Sublimator to produce your orders. It is important to us that we partner with quality vendors. We will constantly strive to find the best vendors offering both the best of quality and timely production. If you have any issues with the product you receive reach out and let us know. Please contact us at

The average production timeline is 2 - 5+ business days on most products for Printify and Printful vendors. Bulk orders of $200+ is 5-7 business days. The day an order is placed is day 0. The next business day is day 1 of production. Orders from Sublimator ( blankets, hoodies etc...) are produced and shipped from China. Each listing will specify production and shipping times. If you have a question about the production time of a specific item please contact us at